Most Amazing Future Concepts in Cruising

This year, we’ve been introduced to some pretty exciting and innovative new ships. Some featured elements so ambitious that we questioned how feasible they were from an engineering standpoint. Of many to note, the Celebrity Edge spiked the interest of many people when they unveiled new concepts such as the “Magic Carpet” deck, a vertically sliding venue that adapts to the needs of ship guests. Or their Infinite VerandasSM, which allow you to completely fold your veranda doors out of the way, or enclose the balcony in glass, at the touch of a button. Read more

Top Cruise Spas to Experience

Nothing is easier than boarding a ship to your dream destination while only worrying about which delicious restaurant, indulgent spa treatment, or adventurous land excursion you should try first. From mega ships to the smallest cruiseliners, spa treatments are a vital part of re-energizing and renewing. Fortunately, we’ve tried them all, and these are our top picks. Read more

Untouched by Time, Full of Color.

Cuba is a country shrouded in mystery for most Americans. Since travel restrictions have been lifted and relations between the U.S. and Cuba have improved, it has given new travelers from the U.S. the opportunity to experience the timeworn and colorful island nation. But when people say traveling to Cuba is like taking a step back in time, it’s no joke. No Wi-Fi. No credit cards. No Starbucks. But don’t be alarmed! Read more