Places You’d Rather Be on a Monday

Monday is officially here, and somehow you’ve managed to tear yourself away from Netflix and get back to your routine. If the thought of meetings, deadlines or, perhaps, another responsibility is bringing you down, let these exotic locales inspire a little daydreaming about your next great vacation. From sandy beaches to icy mountains, there are plenty of amazing places waiting to be explored. Read more

River Cruising: 5 Things to Know

One of the hottest trends in Europe travel today: River Cruising

Americans have been flocking to Europe in growing numbers to try traveling Europe in a whole new way: by river. More and more river cruise ships continue to be built and debuted every year as the popularity of river cruising continues to grow. And why not? River cruising allows travelers who have perhaps already been to Europe a whole new perspective of the continent, as well as a whole new way of traveling around it. Read more