An Expert’s Guide To Traveling Solo

With more Google searches for “solo travel” and “traveling solo” than ever before, exploring on your own is clearly becoming more popular—and for good reason!

Cruise lines have become increasingly conscientious in catering to solo travelers and have outfitted their cruise ships with amazing experiences and deals. If you’ve already sailed solo, then you may already know the perks. If you haven’t, then don’t write it off just yet. Lots of people are taking to the high seas by themselves and they aren’t going at it alone.

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International Cruises & Where To Enjoy Them

Around 30 million people are expected to embark on cruises in 2019, with 18 new ships setting sail on their debut expedition. The cruise travel market is more diverse than ever before, which means there is a cruise for every type of personality out there.

This makes shopping around for the ideal vacation even more exciting. It doesn’t matter if you are a single person traveling solo, a newlywed couple setting out on a two-week honeymoon, or a multigenerational family embarking on your first cruise experience.

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4 Reasons Why A Spontaneous Vacation Will Be The Highlight Of Your Year

We’re almost halfway through 2019…can you believe it?

If you feel like this year is flying by at an alarming pace, it may be time to shake up your daily routine with a spontaneous vacation.

If your first instinct is to catalog all the reasons why you can’t book a spontaneous cruise, then an unexpected vacation may be more needed than you think. In fact, spontaneity can be a healthy adjustment to your prudent lifestyle.

Before you up and pack your bags, read up on these 4 reasons why a spontaneous vacation will be the welcome change you need in your life.

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4 Reasons Why Your Tax Refund Is Perfect For A Vacation

It’s that time of year again: tax refund season.

As most Americans finish filing their W-2s and 1099s, we all eagerly await our refund checks. 2019 looks promising for the majority of Americans with the IRS estimating an average refund of $3,000.

When it comes to spending your tax refund, consider taking a spontaneous vacation or investing a portion of your refund on a luxury cruise for later in the season. Read more