An Expert’s Guide To Traveling Solo

With more Google searches for “solo travel” and “traveling solo” than ever before, exploring on your own is clearly becoming more popular—and for good reason!

Cruise lines have become increasingly conscientious in catering to solo travelers and have outfitted their cruise ships with amazing experiences and deals. If you’ve already sailed solo, then you may already know the perks. If you haven’t, then don’t write it off just yet. Lots of people are taking to the high seas by themselves and they aren’t going at it alone.

If you are traveling solo, we have compiled a solo travel guide complete with booking advice and onboard tips:

1. Booking Your Stateroom

An Expert's Guide To Traveling Solo

When it comes to booking your solo cruise, consider shopping around for a smaller ship. They tend to be more intimate and sociable for single travelers.

Solo Cabins

Solo cabins are the ideal choice for single travelers. Norwegian Cruise Line is especially accommodating to solo travelers, offering studio cabins that are priced for single occupancy and feature shared social spaces onboard that are perfect for meeting your cruise mates. Royal Caribbean International is another great choice. On all of their Quantum Class ships (Quantum of the Seas, Anthem of the Seas, and Ovation of the Seas), they feature 28 dedicated solo cabins.

PRO TIP: Don’t just shop around for a well-priced stateroom. Look for a cruise with a good experience that is suitable to your travel personality. If you have to pay a single’s supplement by booking a double occupancy room for the cruise of your choosing, our Personal Vacation Managers can help you find the best deal.

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2. Get To Know The Front Desk Staff At Guest Services

An Expert's Guide To Traveling Solo

Kindness goes a long way. We recommend introducing yourself to the front desk staff on your cruise line in case you have special needs that may arise during your vacation. The best times to introduce yourself are at night during show times and dinner, as this is when the front desk will be less crowded.

PRO TIP: A small gift (like a pastry from a bakery at your port destination) is a great way to make someone’s day and ensure the front desk staff remembers you.

3. Find Your Favorite Bar or Public Area

An Expert's Guide To Traveling Solo

On the first night aboard, visit all the bars and public areas to see which spots you like most. Checking everything out on the first night of the cruise is a great way to meet other travelers and make new friends during your vacation. This is also when other singles are most likely to be out and about.

PRO TIP:  Introduce yourself to a welcoming bartender, server, or activity host, and be sure to leave them a great tip if they’re assisting or serving you. That way they are more inclined to look out for you when you need a refill or keep you company should you want to strike up a conversation.

4. Choose Compatible Dinner Partners

An Expert's Guide To Traveling Solo

If you opt-in for traditional onboard dining with assigned seating, you may not be compatible with your dinner partners. In some instances, the guests assigned to your table may not even show up for their meal, so you end up eating alone. In either case, don’t hesitate to ask the maître d’ for other seating accommodations. Requests to be seated with other solo cruisers will often be honored if possible.

PRO TIP: Request to dine at a table of eight or more, so you can meet an array of different people (and make more friends in the process).

5. Take An Onboard Class or Participate in Group Activities

An Expert's Guide To Traveling Solo

Many cruise lines offer onboard classes and group activities such as cooking lessons, bingo, mixology classes, trivia, wine tastings and more. These interactive social affairs are a great way to establish memorable connections with your cruise mates and have a little fun!

PRO TIP: Check out the onboard daily program. On the first couple of days, some cruises offer special events specifically for solo cruisers.

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