4 Reasons Why A Spontaneous Vacation Will Be The Highlight Of Your Year

We’re almost halfway through 2019…can you believe it?

If you feel like this year is flying by at an alarming pace, it may be time to shake up your daily routine with a spontaneous vacation.

If your first instinct is to catalog all the reasons why you can’t book a spontaneous cruise, then an unexpected vacation may be more needed than you think. In fact, spontaneity can be a healthy adjustment to your prudent lifestyle.

Before you up and pack your bags, read up on these 4 reasons why a spontaneous vacation will be the welcome change you need in your life.

1. Keeps Your Mind Open To Unexpected Moments

Benefits of taking a spontaneous cruise

Having unknowns in your schedule and being okay with them can open you up to a whole new world of adventure. The unknown will force you to focus on the moment—to be fully invested in the here and now. Even if you’ve been on a cruise ten times, when it’s spontaneous, suddenly something you’ve experienced before becomes a brand new adventure.

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2. Less Stress During Your Cruise

Benefits of taking a spontaneous cruise

According to a study by the American Psychological Association, most working Americans reported positive effects from taking a vacation, with 68% reporting positive mood increases, 66% claiming to have more energy, and 57% feeling less stressed.

It makes sense… especially on a spontaneous cruise! You’ve already accepted that the unknown is your vacation schedule, so why stress it? Life goes on whether it is unplanned or not. If you feel like relaxing on the beach at your port destination, do so. If you want to book tickets for a fun dinner performance, don’t hesitate to do it last minute. If you don’t feel like researching your next activity, know that there are plenty of easy options to choose from. There’s no harm in going with the flow; it may very well be the type of vacation you’ve needed all along.

3. More Time To Connect

Benefits of taking a spontaneous cruise

A spontaneous cruise is a great time to connect with the people you are traveling with and the people you meet on the cruise. When your time is flexible, there’s nothing holding you back from dedicating your full attention to good conversation. So, enjoy every beautiful sunset with that special someone at your side; be inviting of every chance meeting during your trip; don’t hesitate to meet someone new. You’re being spontaneous, after all.

4. You’re Happier

The benefits of taking a spontaneous vacation

There are a lot of factors in our everyday life that we cannot control, no matter how hard we try. One thing we can control is our happiness. Between the lasting memories made and the sense of adventure that lingers, it’s safe to say that a spontaneous cruise can certainly improve the outcome of your year and your outlook on life.


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