4 Reasons Why Your Tax Refund Is Perfect For A Vacation

It’s that time of year again: tax refund season.

As most Americans finish filing their W-2s and 1099s, we all eagerly await our refund checks. 2019 looks promising for the majority of Americans with the IRS estimating an average refund of $3,000.

When it comes to spending your tax refund, consider taking a spontaneous vacation or investing a portion of your refund on a luxury cruise for later in the season.

Vacations are proven to:

  • greatly reduce stress
  • lead to better quality sleep
  • improve productivity when returning to work
  • boost creativity

Besides the obvious, here are 4 more reasons why using your tax refund on a spontaneous (or future) vacation is a great idea.

1. You Can Save Money On The Best Travel Packages


Spending your tax return on a spontaneous cruise

Spontaneous vacations make for great money-savers. Not only can you capitalize on reduced cruise fares, flights and hotels, but you may also be able to extend your stay for a fraction of the cost. And if you live near a port, you can save even bigger on select cruise lines. During this time of year, many cruise lines offer unbeatable upgrades and amenities when you book last-minute. For instance, Viking River Cruises is offering FREE or included airfare, up to $1,100 shipboard credit per stateroom, and much more when you book before April 30th.

Check it out!

2. You Can Be Truly Spontaneous


When you book a spontaneous cruise the experience is whatever you want it to be. There’s no need to make detailed plans. If you want to relax, reserve a cabana at the pool deck. If you want to explore your port destination, book an excursion. On a spontaneous cruise, no matter how you spend your day, chances are you will have an amazing time!

If you live near Florida, maybe a weekend getaway cruise to the Bahamas is the vacation for you.

3. You Can Invest In A Luxury Experience

why you should spend your tax refund on a vacation

Maybe you do not have the time to pick up and head to the Caribbean at a week’s notice. Investing in one of our Exotic Cruise Packages for a future date is another great idea. Not only will an average tax refund help make your next trip more affordable, but you can also upgrade your experience to include amazing amenities. Our Enrichment Journeys, for instance, which will take you through Australia & New Zealand, Asia, Antarctica, South America, Canada & New England, Europe, the Mediterranean, and the South Pacific offer inclusive amenities such as:

  • 4 – to – 5 Star Hotel Stays
  • In-depth, Multi-day Guided Land Tours
  • All Meals Onboard & Most Meals On Tour
  • Unique & Immersive Cultural Experiences
  • Exclusive Shore Excursions (on most voyages)
  • And So Much More!

4. Because You Deserve It


A tax refund is basically Uncle Sam saying, “Thanks for all the hard work; here’s the money I owe you… now go have some fun!” More often than not, it pays to treat yourself to a relaxing retreat whether it’s for a week or a weekend. Besides, a little extra spending money goes a long way in the right location. You can request a quote here to find the best rate for you, or sign up for exclusive email offers!