Marketing and Brand Transparency

Online Vacation Center has been in business for more than 46 years, providing unprecedented cruise deals to savvy travelers. We are one of the country’s largest cruise retailers, and we feel it’s important for you to know that authenticity and brand transparency matters to us!

We genuinely enjoy engaging with our clients and anyone who enjoys travel and cruising. As a Marketing team, we thought it might be interesting to switch things up and tell our readers more about how and why we do what we do.

We Choose Specific Destinations to Feature

Why do we do this? Throughout the year, we choose to feature specific destinations in our emails, direct mail and on our social media platforms. Most of the time, we choose to feature what is popular among our clients based on bookings and feedback from our Personal Vacation Managers! Depending on the time of year, we also feature specific destinations based on their peak seasons to ensure our clients have plenty of time to book.


We Offer More Than the Cruise Lines Do

How is this possible? Over the years, we’ve cultivated close relationships with world-renowned travel companies, cruise lines, business associations and beyond. We know our clients love to travel and cruise, so we work together with our partners to come up with the best deals that can possibly be offered!

In addition to price savings and onboard extras, our Business Development team carefully curates our Value Inclusive Packages that include Airfare, 4-star Hotels, Transfers and more. In some cases, we are able to offer these incredible packages for almost the same price as a standalone cruise being offered elsewhere!


We Adhere to Proper Guidelines and Regulations

Did you know there are laws in the U.S. surrounding emails that come from businesses? It goes without saying that adhering to rules is #1, but we also genuinely care that our clients are satisfied and are only receiving communications from us if they’re okay with it.

  • “To” and “From” Transparency
  • Honest Email Subject Lines
  • Easy Access to Contact Us
  • Providing a Physical Address
  • Easy Option to Opt-Out
  • Honoring Opt-Out Requests Quickly


We Closely Monitor Feedback and Reviews

We want to give our clients exactly what they’re looking for. We regularly check the performance of our emails to ensure our clients are satisfied with the products they’re receiving and how they are presented. When our guests return home from a trip they booked with us, we send out surveys and carefully assess the feedback and provide additional follow-ups if necessary. Read some of our testimonials!


Our Teams Work Side-by-Side

Not only does every person at Online Vacation Center possess a passion for travel, most of us actually have extensive travel experience! Our Personal Vacation Managers are Certified Experts that have proudly earned a 95%+ Customer Satisfaction rating. All of our teams work side-by-side (literally) to maintain a high-level of a communication regarding our clients, their feedback and the products we promote. Sharing a passion as a team creates a seamless effort.

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Written By: Jordan B, Online Vacation Center Marketing Coordinator & Designer