Why You Should Take a Family Vacation Instead of Exchanging Gifts

The Holidays are approaching and as you wonder, “What could I possibly get for the family that has it all?” we’re here to offer you a crazy alternative.

Skip the material possessions this year and Take Your Family on a Vacation Instead.

It’s not as crazy as it sounds, actually. In a world where we’re becoming increasingly materialistic, and it’s harder to compete with their phones, streaming services and social media, why not cut your family off cold turkey? Feed the beast no further, that’s right—no video games this year, no toys you’ll never play with, no computers to divide your attention any further. Your gift this year is good, old-fashioned FAMILY TIME!

I know you’re already warming up to the idea, but in case you aren’t, here’s some things to consider:

It’s a Surprise!

It’s always a struggle figuring out what gift will be just right for your loved one. Not everyone writes up their Christmas list and posts it on the refrigerator like they used to. No matter the case I can guarantee you, you wont find 5-Night Cruise to Bermuda at #1 on their list. Just imagine the surprise on their faces when you say “This Year, things will be a little different….”


Memories Last Longer than Things

We can all remember that one year we got that perfect gift…now imagine how many gifts you can’t and will never remember. That’s a much larger number. Now think about all of the fun times you had with your family around the holiday. Laughing together, eating together and enjoying each other’s company. Choosing a vacation over a gift is a risky move, but I can almost guarantee you it will be a gift they’ll never forget.


Less Cleanup, Less Clutter!

It feels like our society is much more materialistic than it’s been in the past. Every year we need the newest phone. Day after day, kids are shown commercials for new, colorful, fun things that they need right now. And don’t even get me started on the aftermath of unwrapping gifts! Save yourself the cleanup, give them a gift that you won’t find yourself stepping on in September.


It Broadens Their Horizons

You’ve always heard the stories about families that give their time during the Holidays to volunteer or donate half of their gifts in order to teach their family to stay grateful. It takes a great deal of maturity and discipline to do these things, especially at a time when it’s not uncommon to be excited about what you’re going to get this year. Imagine seeing your family acknowledge that it’s not all about them, to understand that this holiday vacation would be great for the whole family and to be excited to see everyone happy. It warms my heart just thinking about it.


It’s the Reason for the Season!

The Holidays are a time to really focus on your family, being grateful for everything and everyone in your life and sharing love with them. That also perfectly describes what a family vacation should be. Whether you’re home sipping hot chocolate or on a Cruise ship with your family headed to the Caribbean, isn’t it amazing that you all can share this wonderful time together?

Now that you’re ready to ditch the gifts, give us a call at 800-709-9507!