Why September Rules in Cape Cod

While some travelers enjoy the commotion of summer in Cape Cod, things can get a bit busier (and hotter) by the end of August. Thankfully, that’s when sweet September rolls around. The fall shoulder season is one of Cape Cod’s best-kept secrets. That’s when there’s plenty of room at the beach and less traffic. But the weather and the water are still warm and delightful! Here are the top 4 reasons to visit Cape Cod in September.


1. Harvest Time

September is harvest season for many farmers. All types of great produce is rolling in from gardens and farms all over Cape Cod, so this time of year may be the best time to “reap” the benefits.

During our Journey to Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard & Quebec, you will visit a family run cranberry bog farm. Expert farmers will discuss the growing and harvesting methods used and you will see an existing bog currently in production.


2. Best Whale Watching

Cape Cod’s whale watch season begins in mid-April, as hundreds of the gentle giants migrate to their summer feeding grounds off the Massachusetts coast. June through September is prime time! During our Journey, you will board an excursion vessel in Provincetown for a whale watching experience. Your onboard naturalist will answer any questions you may have about these majestic mammals.


3. Less Crowds

After Labor Day, the island surely quiets down but is still at its prime. Summer travelers have gone back home, school has started, and stores and restaurants are offering great deals—so if you love to shop, now is the time! During our Journey, you’ll visit Martha’s Vineyard and enjoy free time for lunch and shopping. Make sure to admire the old sea captains’ houses from the 18th and 19th centuries with their well-manicured gardens.

Martha's Vineyard_ Lighthouse_Sunset.jpg

4. Stunning Sunsets

What would a trip to Cape Cod be without enjoying the beautiful coastal scenery? Whether you choose to admire from the boardwalk, or get your toes in the sand, Cape Cod’s beaches play host to some of the most fiery sunsets. Take in expansive views and reflect on when the Pilgrims first landed here. Before departing Cape Cod, you’ll also enjoy a farewell lobster dinner while reminiscing about your experience with your fellow travelers.

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Through the cuisine you’ll taste, the history you’ll learn about and simply enjoying the crisp salty sea air, you’re sure to come back feeling enriched and recharged. Speak with a Personal Vacation Manager today by calling 800-709-9507 or by visiting our website www.OnlineVacationCenter.com.