5 Tech Items to Remember when Traveling

By Joseph D, Online Vacation Center Marketing Coordinator & Designer

I’ve always been the type of person who doesn’t like to be too far from my Tech. Whether I want to check my phone for the latest news or I feel like I need to create something or do business on my laptop, it’s nice to have handy. Vacations are supposed to be for relaxing but how can I relax knowing the world is turning without me?

That is why when I’m packing, I’m always double and triple checking that I have everything I need to be able to disappear into the Internet for a little while. These 5 items are essentials for me when it’s time to hit the road (or the open ocean).


Portable Power Bank

You remembered your phone, you remembered your wall charger but who’s to say you’re going to be able to find an outlet to plug into? That’s why you’ll be thanking yourself for grabbing one of these multi-port portable chargers. Not only can you juice up your iPhone when it’s dipping below 30%, but you can charge the whole family’s phones all at once.


Laptop + Charger

This may seem like a given, but many people opt to leave it home thinking it will take away from their vacation overall. This isn’t true; technology is here to ENHANCE your experience. Your laptop is a portable entertainment powerhouse, and what better time to catch up on Season 1 of that show everyone keeps telling you about than during transit? As an added bonus, this is another great way to keep your phone charged when there’s no outlet around.


Chromecast / HDMI Cable

Remember that laptop you packed? Time to supercharge its entertainment power. Your computer may have an HDMI port to connect directly to your hotel Television, if not connect your Chromecast and stream your favorite movies and shows straight from your phone! Now you don’t need to crane your neck to focus on your screen, or maybe those rowdy grandkids who aren’t sleepy finally have something to sit down and relax in front of.


Waterproof Phone Case

Its 2018, there’s a good chance your phone is already water-resistant, but that doesn’t mean its water-proof. A waterproof case is airtight and will not only protect you from clumsy accidents it may just take your vacation photos to the next level too. Why take pictures BY the water when you can take family photos and beautiful landscape pictures with your phone underwater!


Tile / A Bluetooth Tracker

Bluetooth trackers let you attach a small piece to your key ring or luggage or even your kids! And if you’re ever having trouble finding them you can just pull up the app on your phone and find it on the map. Or maybe you lost your phone? Just double click the tracker and it makes your lost phone ring until you find it. Easily turn that mistake into a fun story for later!