Blue Planet’s Incredible Filming Locations (And How to Explore Them)

The ocean—the largest habitat on Earth. We know more about the surface of Mars than we do about life in the depths of our oceans, hence the appeal of the series Blue Planet and Blue Planet II. As noted by The Telegraph, Narrator Sir David Attenborough reveals the wonders of this underwater world, urges us to care for our planet, and perhaps entices us to take a leap into the deep. Take a deep breath, and explore these awe-inspiring Blue Planet filming locations and the Journeys that will take you there.



Hosting the world’s largest colony of king penguins, Antarctica offers plenty of story angles in the Blue Planet series. “The sheer extent of the activity in all directions is overwhelming,” says producer Miles Barton. “There are images of extreme beauty as king penguins bathe in the surf line, and there are moments of high drama when four-ton elephant seal bulls collide in battle.”

Guests can take in truly captivating scenery as they cruise along the coast of Antarctica, passing mammoth icebergs, massive ice floes and perhaps a few of these waddling penguins in their natural, and somewhat extreme, habitat. Visit here on a Journey to Antarctica, Iguazu Falls & Montevideo »


South Africa

Land mammals have made South Africa iconic as a wildlife travel destination, but the restless shores of the country’s coastline are also worthy of a visit. “We have filmed things that are not even described scientifically yet,” says executive producer James Honeyborne, referring to the team’s footage of a common octopus using shells as body armor in defense against sharks. “It is such an astonishing, unexpected new behavior.”

Guests can visit South Africa, as well as venture through the Thornybush Nature Reserve in search of zebras, lions and other mammals that make this destination famous. Also, spend a day in the Cape Winelands, tasting and touring your way through different vineyards. Visit here on a Journey to South Africa & Victoria Falls »


Australia’s Coast & Great Barrier Reef

Vibrant coral cities bustling with unique habitats—that’s what you’ll find in Australia’s greatest tourist attraction. “We went there to film a sequence about coral groupers hunting with octopus and tuskfish,” says program researcher Yoland Bosiger. “Research shows their behavior is so sophisticated that some aspects of their intelligence might rival chimpanzees.”

Guests can visit the Great Barrier Reef on an unforgettable tour in a semi-sub with a unique underwater observatory, or you can dive right in with optional snorkeling to experience first-hand the magic that this region holds beneath its crisp blue waters. Visit this astounding location on a Journey to the Australian Outback & New Zealand »



The Galapagos—an enchanted undersea world where fairytale creatures dwell. It’s no wonder this region inspired Darwin’s groundbreaking scientific research. For Blue Planet II, cameras equipped with suction cups were attached to the backs of whale sharks, exhibiting the ocean from the eyes of the world’s biggest fish. For series producer Mark Brownlow, one thing stood out in particular: “sea lions herding massive, 40 kilogram (88 pound) yellow fin tuna to drive them on to the beach,” which he describes as “absolutely spectacular.”

Guests can explore this one-of-a-kind treasured archipelago with Celebrity Cruises on a nearly all-inclusive 10–15 Night Galapagos Cruise Vacation. Shore excursions include briefings from naturalist staff and expedition guides and some of the world’s most up-close and stunning wildlife encounters. Visit here on our Galapagos Cruisetour with Celebrity Cruises »

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