Top Asian Destinations to See Now 2019

Have you been dreaming of taking an exotic trip to Asia? Wait no more. It’s time to check this off your bucket list. Here are the top Asian destinations to experience and see right now.

Bali_Indonesia_Pura ulun danu bratan temple_Lake_Blue Sky

Bali, Indonesia

Imagine stepping out of your life and into a fantasy. Bali is often seen as a picture-perfect paradise and with great reasons. This exotic locale offers so much for those looking to get away and truly disconnect from the hustle and bustle of life. Bali shores are surrounded with turquoise waters and covered with fine white sand beaches, invigorating sunlight, lush tropical gardens, and junglesstaggered with pagodas and temples to help keep you apart from your daily cares. The city of Ubud­-referred to the “artistic capital” is nearby and a terrific place to catch a cultural dance performance or get centered with a calming yoga class. Most travelers agree that this destination does not disappoint and is simply a dream.

cambodia siem reap gate of angkor in angkor wat high res

Siem Reap, Cambodia

Siem Reap is home to one of Asia’s most intriguing UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Angkor Wat. The ancient structures are located within one of the largest religious complexes in the world and are scattered across 600 square miles of jungle. The 900-year-old temples are slowly being reclaimed by massive vines pulling these structures aparta truly profound event to see.  This destination is easy for travelers to get around with friendly locals and many cultural attractions, history, and activities that can easily be found on nearly every corner. Angkor Wat is truly picturesque and has been used as a backdrop to many movies and may just ignite your inner-archaeologist.


Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is an energetic mega city offering travelers a unique collision of Japanese tradition with pop culture. In one day, go from exploring ancient Japanese temples to entertaining yourself at a lively karaoke bar. The city is nothing short of being animated. The Japanese are known to be obsessed about their anime and this can be witnesses as you step onto a busy sidewalk surrounded by bright lights and loud signs. This tech-savvy city is all about movement and progress. However, in the midst of all the movement, locals still find time to enjoy a mindful walk along cherry blossom tree-lined streets along the Sumida River.


Other Honorable Mentions:

Phuket, Thailand

Be lost in the beauty of the Andaman Sea that surrounds Thailand’s southwestern island. Blue lagoons and salmon sunsets await you, along with rich culture and flavorful cuisine.

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam (Hanoi)

The bay is a must-see with over 3,000 islands and about 1,600 people living in floating villages. It is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site with some 2,000 glorious limestone islets.


Singapore is notorious for being a very green and modern city. This country may be small in size but not small on options. Travelers will be entertained with countless shopping malls, architecture, public art, amazing food, and melding of cultures.


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