What to Expect When Traveling Solo

“Freedom lies in being bold” -Robert Frost

Don’t wait for someone else in order to start experiencing the worldtraveling alone is for the bold, the independent, and the free-at-heart. Globetrotting has the power to ignite a fire of passion in your soul; however, going solo has the added benefit of self-exploration and realization. It’s time to explore the fibers from which you are made and see the world through your lens. Since there’s no need to compromise with others, your vacation can be as grand or as mellow as you want. Grab a journal and get ready for an unfiltered experience. Many travel experts voyage solo, making us excellent resources. We’ve compiled this list of what to expect, as well as some travel tips and tricks.

You will have an incredible time!

We know that traveling alone can be intimidating; however, being more open to interacting with other travelers and locals is essential to stepping out of your comfort zone and allowing the magic to unfold.


It’s easier to make friends than you think.

Striking up conversation with other travelers is easy, and the onsite lounge or bar is a prime space to start socializing. Fortunately, you have the shared love of traveling in common. Book a tour of the city, or sign up for excursions to meet like-minded people. Offering to snap a photo is a casual way to interact and connect. Perhaps they’ll even invite you along to share a group meal, preferably locally-made.


Feeling alone is inevitable.

It’s part of the growing process and provides an excellent opportunity to reconnect with yourself and the things that make you happy. Happiness comes from inside. Use this alone time as a learning experience. If you start feeling lonely, your family and friends are just a phone call away. Opt for accommodations with free Wi-Fi, making it easy to keep in touch.

The freedom is exhilarating.

Eat what you want when you want and wherever you want. Skip a monument, or opt for an exhilarating adventure your usual travel partners may deny. With a healthy balance of planning and spontaneity, you should be able to reach new levels of adventure or relaxation, depending on your vacation goals. Once you travel alone, you will likely want to do it again and again.


Do your homework before embarking.

Stay at highly rated hotels, or ask your travel agent for recommendations to ensure a smooth voyage. Researching local restaurants, museums, and sightseeing options also helps.

Leave a copy of your itinerary with someone back home.

Enjoy the trip without the worrying, leave a copy at home and check in regularly. Taking photos of important documents like your passport, IDs, ticket numbers, reservations, and crucial numbers and uploading them to a drop box is a priceless safety hack, in case you are separated accidentally.


Get an international phone plan.

If your goal is disconnecting, sign up for the minimum plan, and only use it during emergencies.

Register with the U.S. Department of State.

Knowledge is power, and they’ll keep you posted on international events happening in the country you are visiting. Taking these precautions ahead of time provides the peace of mind and freedom to completely surrender to your vacation.

Be the guide of your dreams.

The most important part of traveling alone is being alone. Enjoy the silence, enjoy the music, enjoy every momentbecause you are worth it!

When voyaging solo, be your own best travel companion. Gear up for an unbelievable adventure. Whether you are going for a weekend or for several weeks or months, the journey will be filled with unexpected moments and learning. Take in the environment and make memories that will last a lifetime. We can’t wait for you to explore on your own!