Live Longer by Traveling

It seems like common sense that doing things you love leads to feeling good, but new research actually shows that visiting places we love also positively impacts our health and well-being.


More Travel = More Happiness

As reported by Lonely Planet, the UK’s National Trust recently released a study that measures how a brain can react to places it recognizes as significant or meaningful. As the study revealed that places people connect to being interesting or vacation-worthy are associated with positive feelings and emotions such as happiness, calmness and excitement. Makes sense, right?

When you feel good, you become energized. Haven’t you ever felt that way when you wake up the first day on vacation? Instead of jet lagged, you’re pumped with endorphins and a nervous/excited energy? Maybe it’s discovering and experiencing something new (seeing the Mona Lisa in person for the first time! Walking along the black sand beaches of Iceland!), or maybe it’s just getting away from the daily grid, but it definitely feels good.


The “Travel Effect” on Workers

In addition, as Tauk reported, the U.S. Travel Association produced a multi-million dollar study entitled “Travel Effect,” which among other things showed that people who take time off work are more productive and suffer from less stress than their counterparts who do not take time off work.

All in all, this is another reason to book your next vacation: travel does reduce stress and it is good for your health!