Save yourself the headache.

Time is money, and planning a trip can be time consuming. After doing research, comparing prices, choosing airfare, finding things to do, deciding on a hotel or resort location, renewing your passport, or purchasing a visa, you may need a vacation from your vacation planning.

That’s where a travel agent should come in. You may have many choices for planning your next cruise vacation, but the superior service that an agent can provide is undeniable. Save yourself the hassle! Here are 6 surefire reasons why you should be using a travel agent.

1. They make trip planning easier because they know what questions to ask. They have personally toured or vacationed on many of the cruise lines and resorts you’ve sought out. They know how to help you narrow down your choices and prevent any headaches.

Your Friendly Travel Agent aka PVM

2. They have access to exclusive offers because of the preferred relationship they maintain with popular tour companies and cruise lines. They are up to date and in the know of the most current promotions or discounts being offered. They are not only in the business of saving you time, but money, too.

3. They have the to-do list covered and can assist with much of your vacation preparation. From answering questions about Visa requirements or accommodations to questions as simple as what to pack, agents are prepared to address it all.

4. They are experienced travelers, as well, and can give you pointers on what to expect. They’ve been there, done that and can help you narrow down the list of amenities and situations you’d like to experience. Agents are familiar with local air, bus and ferry systems and can provide information on transfers to your favorite landmark.

5. They are here to help before, during and even after your trip. They can help you handle the small hiccups or unforeseen emergencies that can arise. It is reassuring to know you have someone you can count on, seven days a week.

6. They can help you coordinate large parties, too! Coordinating a large group of travelers can be a timely process. Each person may have his or her own requests, requirements and departures. Let the trusted and experienced travel agent handle it all.

Consider a travel agent as your best travel adviser. Whether you’re booking a cruise, tour or other vacation package, our Personal Vacation Managers can handle every aspect of your cruise vacation, helping to assure you a fun and hassle-free travel experience. Reach out to one of our agents and start planning your vacation!

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