10 Things Not to Do on a Cruise

Both rookies and seasoned travelers can make mistakes, whether it’s during booking, while embarking, or at sea. Your cruise should be for relaxation and exploration, so steer clear of these pitfalls to guarantee a smooth sailing.

1. Don’t worry, be happy.

Bobby McFerrin knew what he was saying when he wrote this catchy and world-famous song of the same name. Disconnect from yesterday’s troubles, and reconnect with your relaxed and fun self. Which means spending quality time with your loved ones, doing land excursions, partaking in onboard activities, and simply just living in the moment.


2. Fly in on the day of departure.

Play on the safe side, and fly in the day before. This is an easy way to have a stress-free embarkation day. You don’t want to miss your cruise getaway due to a delayed flight. Fly or drive into town the prior evening, enjoy a leisurely dinner and breakfast, and then board with ease. Your dream destination is on the horizon.

3. Forget to check-in online.

After booking your cruise, check their website to see if they allow online check-in. This expert tip saves time at the cruise ship terminal. We can’t think of a better way to start a voyage than with expedited boarding.


4. Battle the sun.

Don’t battle the sun, because the sun will always win. Sunblock is your number one essential item when hitting the deck chairs. Even if you are just enjoying an outdoor activity onboard, apply sunblock and keep your skin healthy and glowing. Trust us, you will get a sufficient amount of rays, and it’s best to avoid the lobster look.


5. Skip the delectable breakfast.

Sleeping in sounds too good to be true, but don’t skip breakfast onboard. Especially since it is delivered to your room, making waking up a pleasure. Select from your in-room menu, and let the breakfast be your energy source for adventure. Please take note, room service is usually discontinued on the day of disembarkation, so research other scrumptious breakfast options onboard or nearby.


6. Wait till you are onboard to book your luxurious spa treatment.

If you are anticipating the healing touch of a licensed masseuse, don’t wait until you are onboard to book. Be savvy, and reserve your treatments in advance. Cruise spas are extremely popular and the first day on the ship is always the busiest. Guarantee a spot in relaxation heaven by planning ahead. Plan on making several trips to the spa? A spa pass may be your answer; check your cruise’s website, and plan ahead.

7. Worry if the show is sold out.

A special standby line forms 30 minutes before a show begins. Cruises suggest reserving your spot in advance, which often requires waiting in long queues the day of or before. If there is a comedy show, Broadway-style performance, or concert that is sold out, you can join standby line and there is a high likeliness you will be admitted. Saunter over to the bar first, and get a scrumptious cocktail to go. The line will move quickly, and before you know it, you’ll be enjoying the show.

8. Let your onboard credits go unused.

If you’re ensured to receive onboard credit, discounts, or perks when booking your cruise, it’s time to use those hard-earned credits. Check your account when you board to make sure they are in there and then check again at the end of the trip to see how many you have left. Don’t let them go to waste!


9. Limit yourself to just the main dining room.

Cruise ships are distinguishing themselves with fine dining culinary options, sometimes even by Michelin star chefs. These high-end specialty restaurants are catering to foodies and the culinary minded and are usually more expensive. They usually require reservations in advance, but they are worth it. Elevate your experience and taste the world.


10. Underestimate the fitness facilities.

More and more cruises feature state-of-the-art exercise equipment, first-class exercise classes, and experienced trainers. Fitness is a major priority for many passengers, and sea days are perfect day to test the facilities.

The ocean is calling you—whether it’s your first cruise or you are a seasoned veteran, these experts tips will help you navigate the waters and have the vacation of a lifetime.