Places You’d Rather Be on a Monday

Monday is officially here, and somehow you’ve managed to tear yourself away from Netflix and get back to your routine. If the thought of meetings, deadlines or, perhaps, another responsibility is bringing you down, let these exotic locales inspire a little daydreaming about your next great vacation. From sandy beaches to icy mountains, there are plenty of amazing places waiting to be explored.


Sao Paulo, Brazil, more affectionately known as Sampa, is a fierce city with a culturally diverse population of over 20 million people. As the largest city in Brazil, it is a beehive of activity and perhaps one of the most underrated cities for tourism. Introduce yourself to the innumerable museums and art-house cinemas. Plus, don’t miss the world-renowned cuisine that qualifies this destination as the “Latin America capital of gastronomy.” Visit on a Journey to Buenos Aires, Iguazu Falls and Rio Carnival »


Boracay, Philippines, is a small island about 200 miles southeast of Manila and home to two of the world’s most beautiful beaches. Make sure to visit White Beach, on the western side. The name is almost an understatement with its vividly white sand and shallow water offshore that shines a bright candy blue. Add lush coco palms and other tropical vegetation, and a burgeoning community of upscale resorts, restaurants and shops, and you have a prescription for relaxation. Visit here on a Journey to Dubai, Bangkok, Hong Kong and the Philippines »


On a ship at sea! Who are we kidding? The reason we love cruising is not just for the amazing destinations we can visit on our floating hotel—but also the relaxation we can squeeze in between the rush of exciting port visits filled with places to go and things to see. If you’re dreaming of languid afternoons by the pool, pampering yourself at the spa or practicing your pretzel at a yoga class, you’ll be happy to know that every single one of our Journeys includes days at sea. Explore all 2018-2019 Journeys now »


Bora Bora, French Polynesia. We challenge you to find a more colorful place than Bora Bora. Verdant valleys covered in hibiscus blossoms look out over white sand beaches. A vibrant coral reef and lagoon play home to thousands of tropical fish, while nearby shops offer some of the world’s best black pearls and locally made pareus and straw hats. The signature landmark is the tombstone-shaped Mount Otemanu, which towers over the island at 2,379 feet. Provoke your wanderlust. Journey to Australia, Tahiti and Hawaii »


Mt. Fuji, Japan! Of all of Japan’s iconic images, Mt. Fuji is king. At 12,388 feet, it is Japan’s highest and most popular peak. Take a bullet train to get a good look at this revered mountain, and cruise Lake Ashi aboard a unique, Viking-style ship for serene views from the water. We would climb this behemoth on a day like today, if it meant starting the weekend over. Visit here on a Journey to the Wonders of Japan and China »


Blazing trails on a road less traveled. If you’re really having a rough Monday, then you’ll probably want to escape as far as possible. How does a 32-night cruise through the Northwest Passage sound? For a truly once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, set sail through the Northwest Passage on Crystal Cruises’ FINAL VOYAGE along this iconic route—promising unprecedented adventures and unsurpassed luxury. If rare itineraries and spontaneous shore excursions excite you, then this voyage is for you. Explore the Northwest Passage. Discover Crystal Cruises Northwest Passage »

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