Most Amazing Future Concepts in Cruising

This year, we’ve been introduced to some pretty exciting and innovative new ships. Some featured elements so ambitious that we questioned how feasible they were from an engineering standpoint. Of many to note, the Celebrity Edge spiked the interest of many people when they unveiled new concepts such as the “Magic Carpet” deck, a vertically sliding venue that adapts to the needs of ship guests. Or their Infinite VerandasSM, which allow you to completely fold your veranda doors out of the way, or enclose the balcony in glass, at the touch of a button.

Royal Caribbean also revealed their new ship, Symphony of the Seas, in March 2017. This will be the newest of the Oasis Class ships, and the world’s largest cruise ship at 1,188 feet long and weighing in at 230,000 gross tons. Its 18 decks will accommodate up to 6,780 passengers and have 7 distinct neighborhoods. And the kicker? How about a 10-story-plunge water slide, cantilevered whirlpools hovering over the ocean, and a Bionic Bar where the drinks are served by robot bartenders. Does it get any more futuristic than this?

royal caribbean oasis class bionic bar
Royal Caribbean’s Bionic Bar where the drinks are served by robot bartenders

Big and bad innovations like these have spurred us to wonder, “what else could the future hold for cruise ship designs?” We were too eager to wait until 2050 to find out, so we’ve collected the most interesting and slightly ridiculous cruise ship design concepts to gawk over.

Completely sustainable and autonomous. Every environmentalist’s dream cruise ship.

The City of Meriens

This manta-ray-shaped cruise ship design would dwarf even the largest existing cruise ship in comparison. Measuring a whopping 2,950 feet long and with a 1,650 wide “wing span,” this ship would be fully autonomous, using renewable marine energy, and would also have space on the outer edges for a hydroponic garden, while the interior lagoon would house an aquaculture farm. Designed by French architect Jacques Rougerie, “The City of Meriens” original intended use would be a research vessel of marine biodiversity.

Luxury at sea—redefined.

The Floating Island

When you want every day to be a port day, there’s nothing better than this floating island design concept. With Tahitian-style huts and a swanky infinity pool, this design exudes luxury. Feel the “tropical breeze” in the air as you cruise past ports like Stockholm and London. With the Tropical Island Paradise by Yacht Island Design, you can have the best of both worlds on any itinerary.

The “greenest” ship on the big blue.

The Lilypad

With every inch covered in greenery and solar panels, it has been given the nickname “floating ecopolis.” This behemoth could potentially house up to 50,000 passengers. The design was initially intended to be a floating city and solution to global warming and sea level rise, taking the phrase “life at sea” to the next level. Designed by ecological architect Vincent Callebaut, the Lilypad takes several aspects of sustainability into account. Although it would float freely with the ocean’s currents and is not a cruise ship intrinsically, this design would turn every die-hard cruiser’s dream of life on the high seas into a reality.

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