Top 4 Cities to Ring in the New Year

As one year closes, a new year begins. New Year’s Eve is filled with possibilities, hope
and overflowing champagne glasses waiting for a toast. To say New Year’s Eve is
magical is an understatement. In honor of this glorious day, here is a breakdown of the
world’s best celebrations.


If there is one thing we know, Chileans know how to throw a bash. Valparaiso is an
enchanting seaside town with petite, jewel-colored streets that wind up into the hills.
Once home to world famous poet Pablo Neruda, esteemed verses have been inspired
by this small, harbor town. It comes as no surprise that it would have one of the
world’s most thrilling New Year’s Eve celebrations.

WHY GO: Because seeing the skies burst into a perfectly choreographed fireworks show
makes for a wonderful evening. Each year, over a million people gravitate to the coast
for the largest fireworks display in Latin America. The show ranges for 22 to 40 minutes
with 17 launching sites between Valparaiso and neighboring Vina del Mar. Prepare
yourself for the most sensational show you have ever seen. The festivities start
promptly at 8pm with a pre-party in the streets, which is then followed by a beach dance
party that goes into the early hours of the morning. This is one New Year’s Eve
celebration not to be missed!




New York City has earned its reputation as the city that never sleeps. The lights of this
steadfast town shine bright all year, however, on this epic night they glimmer just a little
brighter. Get a first hand experience of the pulsating energy of this historic and vibrant

WHY GO: Experience what Fodor’s describes as the “most famous” New Year’s Eve
celebration. Millions of people statewide and billions throughout the world watch the 12-
foot-wide crystal ball, weighing nearly 12,000 pounds, descend atop of Times Square.
However, for a lucky million, this event is experienced in person. Join the cheering 2017
clad attendants on the ground, or book a table at a restaurant overlooking the square.
For a completely different experience, schedule a harbor cruise in the Hudson to see
picturesque views of the fireworks display off of Liberty Island.




Iceland is quickly becoming one of the world’s most coveted tourist destinations.
Reykjavik is at the helm of this popular wave because of it’s bustling nightlife, thriving
music scene and a chic cocktail culture. These jubilant characteristic become amplified
on the annual tradition of New Year’s Eve!

WHY GO: In the crisp, cold air, join the warmth of city-wide bonfires that are enjoyed by
families and locals. Collectively, they symbolize the burning away of the previous year’s
worries. Now that you have a fresh start, direct your attention to the skies as thousands
of fireworks light up the celestial sphere from every part of the city. Over 200,000 people
set off 500 tons of fireworks in a fanciful display. After 12 am, head to a local nightclub
or pub that stay open until the wee hours of the morning. The best view in town is at
Perlan or Pearl, which hosts a New Year’s Eve party with dinner, dancing and drinks. If
you have not considered Iceland before, now is the time.



Australia is known for its natural beauty and friendly people. The stately architecture
makes it the ideal setting to ring in the New Year. Structures like the Sydney Harbour
Bridge and Sydney Opera House are the perfect background for the most stunning
photos as they surround one of the largest celebrations in the world.

WHY GO: Sydney is the first major city where the clock strikes midnight! This fact does
not go unrecognized. They spend a whopping 7.2 million dollars on the extravaganza,
which includes the world’s most lavish fireworks display. The first is at 9pm, the second
at 12am. More than a million people attend the celebration and gather along the iconic
waterfront, but if you are peevish about crowds, try a nearby restaurant. The party
includes air and water shows, aerial acrobatics, a harbor light parade, a flotilla of more
than 50 illuminated boats and an Aboriginal smoking ceremony that is said to cleanse
bad spirits.